Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deschutes Trip with the Football Team

Devin telling little Ryan Mays how to jump into the right chute

Tanner Mays on riding the left chute

Little Ryan Mays taking a ride on the right chute

Joshua LaMarr jumping into the left chute

Nick Schoebel jumping into the left chute

Devin jumping into the left chute

Sunday I'd invited the coach and his family along with several kids from the football team rafting on the Deschutes with me and my boys. With some luck the weather held and all seemed to have a blast. Even the coach! Tom's a good guy and has a great family to hang with. We even got little Ryan, age 5 up on the White R. chutes. The best part of the trip was watching Ryan getting recirced in the eddie below the far right chute he ran. He had the biggest smile the half dozen times he went around before we reached in and pulled him out. The bad, like normal, I missed putting sunblock on my back after not putting a shirt on and now feel Kentucky Fried!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My alternate life!?

Believe it or not?

I do other things than kayaking.

I love the plates YVW?

This poor bus has been sectioned, body dropped, 200hp Honda motor and trans, Nissan front suspension, Toyota steering, Ford rear suspension, custom hydraulic suspension I designed and enlarged wheel wells. and yes it'll soon have a kayak rack on the roof!

It's Football Season !!

Devin and his brother Ryan

Devin is #90 in red/blue on the right getting ready to unload on the kid trying to make a touchdown!!!

With the lack of quality H2o in the NW Devin turns his energy twards knocking poor kids heads off... and likes it too!!!

Football season is among us and for the next 9 Saturdays that is all their is for us. It makes for a fun day trip up to the Tieton R. when it finally dumps.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The new addition to the family

I know this isn't kayak related exactly but she is pretty cute. Devin picked her out at a friends house before heading to the coast for the weekend. Their still working on a name. She's a 6 week lab/australian shepard mix.