Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wind River on Ice

No footage of actual kayaking but of the put-in and take-out. Is that weird or what!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Slideshow of EJ Etherington's playboat clinic on Lake Cr

OKCC and instructor EJ Etherington had a good turnout out for the first playboat clinic on the season on Lake Creek at 9.5'. These are pics of the class. I've got pics of Devin I'll be putting up seperately as well as a few of Todd Anderson as he and his girl Nicole came through Grassy Lawn while we were there.

till then,

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Playboat spot on Butte Creek

Last weekend Devin was off the water after having a day surgery to remove a lump on the inside of his mouth. It's developed since last January when we were down in Jalcomulco Mexico. He bit through his lower lip after running a slide and taking his paddle to his face. Andrew Holcombe was down in Mexico around the same time teaching a clinic with Esprit Rafting and mentioned it took him several stitches and finally a broken tooth or two before he learned to correct it himself. Hopefully Devin doesn't follow that path!! :)

So last Sunday with Butte Cr estimation flows off the Pat Welch's site of 1400 and slowly dropping. Myself, Lisa, Michael Williams, and Andrew met up for the normal run down to the falls that with Michael we've always taken out at. My neck gasket tore at the put-in so I opted to play shuttle bunny and set safety on a few of the log point we saw on the drive up. All wood was ducked and Michael and Andrew fired up Butte Cr Falls without incident. Prior to running the falls I offered them if they wanted to paddle the runout down to the Hiway 213 me and Lisa could pick them up there. I saw several good ledges downstream of the falls past the bridge. They opted for it and off they went.

When we met up at the lower take-out on 213 they both had smiles on their faces and said their was a couple perfect playspots that Michael referred to as good as Lake Creek. At 1400cfs which was juicy for the run above the falls in a playboat. It would be a good idea to maybe take both boats and switch to a playboat or just hit up the play on the lower leg of the run.

Next time it's at similar flows we'll head in with the Biscuit and camera for hopefully a good time.

cheers, Corey