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The Midget's Questionnaire for HH's study

“Mental Side of Kayaking”

I consider myself a Class 5 paddler.

Rivers Paddled:
White Salmon:(Farmlands, Green Truss, BZ to Husum), Canyon Creek, WA, Butte Creek, OR, Rogue, OR, Clackamas R:(Fish to Memaloose), Wilson R, Jordan Cr, OR, Molalla R: (3 Bears), Wind R., WA:(Upper and Lower), Lochsa R.(Lower Run), SF Clearwater, ID, N. Santiam R.:(Niagra to Spencers), Wenatchee R.,

Have you ever had a ‘bad’ experience kayaking? If so,
what happened? Did this push you back in the sport,
or did it not affect your paddling at all? Please
The worst experience i've ever had on the river
was my first time down the truss on upper zig-zag, i was following my dad's line and he messed up and got pushed
up along the undercut wall backwards. When we got done
with the rapid we were laughing about it because i
basicly ran the rapid without paddling.

What is the greatest ‘fear’ you have while kayaking?
How do you respond to this fear when faced with it?
My greatest fear when kayaking is not being able
to work my way out a a big hole.
when i'm in the kind of situation i calm myself down
by thinking of what i have to do to get out of it and
u try to find the week spot.

What do you do to ‘prepare’ yourself, mentally, to run
a river/rapid that you are nervous about?
When i find a rapid the i'm nervous about i go
over the line over and over again until i feel
confedent enough to run it. And if it's a river then i
fight the fear to get on it and when it comes time for
the first rapid/drop i forget about the fear and
concentrate on the task at hand.

What is your favorite aspect of kayaking? Basically,
why do you kayak?
My favorite aspects of kayaking are meeting new
people, traveling to new places, i also like the
adrenillion rush i get from big drops, and i like
pushing myself to the limit. Oh i also like the

What drives you to continue to kayak?
Basicly everything i said above, i like the people,
the adrinellion rush, traveling, pushing myself to
the limit, and partying.

Whenever I go out paddling with a group, I always feel
like I am the weakest link – YES or NO. If yes,
please explain.
Most of the time it's a YES because i am normally
the youngest.

What role do you feel you have towards the group when
you are kayaking?
I feel that i'm like the student because i'm still
learning how to read big rapids/falls.

How did you learn how to kayak – friends or
professional instruction?
My dad tought me how to kayak when i was about 11
years old.

How often do you kayak?
I kayak once a week on average.

What do you expect from the other paddlers, when you
are on the river?
Well if it's a new river i would like to know the
lines but besides that nothing but a good time

Do you have a “mental training” program? If so, would
you please share some of the specific things that you
I don't have one.

Please include any other questions/topics that you
would like answered.
Why won't it rain?

Thank you for the time. I look forward to gathering
this data and sharing my information – Heather Herbeck

Centennial's big football weekend!!

This weekend has turned out to be a full on weekend for players on three teams of different ages. From the 5th/6th football team that went undefeated all season to Devin's 7th grade team that went 4-4 in regular season to the High School Varsity team that make State play-offs. All have a championship game this weekend. Friday night is the High School, Saturday at 1pm is the 5/6's and 4pm for Devin's team at Aldercreek Middle School.

Devin's team will have a challenge with their two head quarterbacks out injured.


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Centennial makes play-offs

Devin's team beats West Linn 22-0 to make the championships next Saturday. Devin had two touchdowns in the game and all around just kicked but offense and defense.