Sunday, September 23, 2007

It felt good to get wet!!

Devin and Ej Etherington having a moment

It's been too long for either me or Devin since we've been in our kayaks. Like a whole 3 weeks!!!!

With that and the N Santiam coming up to 1600cfs we ran Big Cliff to Spencers with Ej Etherington, James Bagley and Maggie. It was fun watching James and Ej run "The Narrows" with two complete different lines and different outcomes. Go figure?

Only bad part to the run was Devin punching a 1/4 hole in the front of his bow we believe while launching in below the low head dam off the concrete structure. Oops!

Opal Creek without water

After we got done running N Santiam "Big Cliff to Spencers" on Sunday, I decided to head up to Opal Creek to show Devin Thor's Playroom. Granted there was no water or at least a whopping 16-17 cfs or so. I think it's interesting looking at the geology and seeing what makes up a great rapid. I was glad to see there were no big suprises with the exception of several bolders that are just sitting on the bedrock waiting to shift at any high water event, almost all of the rocks are slowly eroding away with a good undercut wall on the far right door up top. Looked likea good place to stay away from.

Thor's Hammer

The section above the final drop which can be seen aty the bottom. This is usually one of my favorite sections of Thor's. Fast channel with several reactionary waves form

Door #4 up top. The undercut wall is out of sight around the right bend and I'm not sure yet which rock is the one that cause pinning.

The final ledge drop. I still remember my first down Opal with Jason Boyok leading. Although I opted to not run Thor's that day. It's around 2200cfs. Jason threw several ends before working his way out of the ledge.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn Healthy Food?!

Just what I needed. This week I put down the deposit and airfair on mine and the little dude's trip to Veracruz, MX and while taking a bite of a cliffbar my beloved front tooth sheared the metal pin holding the false tooth in place. Crap, Crap, Crap!!!

Now I really could use selling my Mini Cooper?

Tomorrow I get to find out how much that darn cliff bar is gonna cost me, guess I should of ate at Mcd's. Not!!

My mug that Devin claims to not look any better in this one after getting my new "toothes" for a whopping 2700.00

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Devin's football team plays their first game

The team lost thier first game of the season 26-13 against Lake Oswego team. LO's team has been together since 3rd grade and has yet to lose a game? On the good side for Centennial and Devin is that he scored the two touchdowns and ran in the extra point. At this age is only worth 1 point. One o the TD's was on a defensive play where he stripped the ball away from the LO's back running the ball and returned it close to 60 yards. It was cool to see. No one realized he had taken the ball for several seconds. On defense he tried to keep his team alive with beating his last years record of 20 tackles in a game to 24.

Whether it's kayaking or football there is little reason to guess why he's the WonderMidget!!