Monday, March 2, 2009

The big brother on Big Brother

Devin has been running the Green Truss for some time now and has ran BZ Falls several times but Big Bro' has a element he was unable to get his head around. He's kinda affraid of heights! That's not good when you're running a vertical waterfall in the 20' range.

Sunday the plan was for me to take him out to run the Little White with Todd Anderson, Boomer and the Wells brothers. Levels ended up at 3.5-3.6' on the stick and Devin was uncomfortable to run it that high so when I mentioned it to Todd. Boomer and Todd were both awesome and just said, "let's go do the Truss then?" I really respect people that aren't into pushing people into things. It's a bad combination on whitewater.

I did not have my creekboat so I zipped down to the clearcut to hike in to Big Bro' and got there just as the crew that had grown to around 9 paddlers reached the lip. I got into position with my camera. Trying to not get myself or the camera soaked with the downpours. I noticed Devin was still in his boat in the eddy on the top left of the falls. He was thinking about giving er'!? Wow, a weird place for me not being available for safety but I know the others in reach will provide any support needed if he was to end up in the cave or get injured in the drop.

Several ran in and the next thing I know Devin is ferrying out into the current. Here are the pics in sequence of his first lap over Big Bro'.