Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pool Session with Chico

Since Devin was unable to try out the Jefe Chico last weekend we headed to the OKCC pool sesion so he could try it out on flatwater. So far it felt good, rolled easily. Devin said it rolled more like a playboat that his Punk Rocker in that it initially started rotating as a square boat does and then the boat shot up as it hit the radius.

I think we're boat interested to see how it react to him on the river. The transition from his old Wavesport Diesel to the Jackson Punk Rocker went amazing smooth despite the drastic difference in styles. The Chico not far off from the Punk.

Couple random shots of Devin throwing around his Liquid Logic Pocket Rocket without a paddle.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Upper Wind River (Winter Edition)

Not you typical view of the take-out for the Upper Wind

The drive towards Hood River on Hwy 14 was slow going

The Liquid Logic Jefe Chico that Devin was suppose to try out this weekend. Till next weekend!!

Wow, what a odd but amazing weekend. Saturday morning I picked up a Liquid Logic Jefe Chico for Devin to try out since his Punk Rocker is still broken. Unfortunately I found out after getting the boat that Devin had sprang his ankle goofing the night before. The joys of being 13!! Since my Magnum is broken but repaired I decided I'd paddle the Chico since it was rated up to a 165lb paddler.

Now the drive. I knew that heading out to Hood River meant I was heading into the main storm coming through. As I headed down I84 I got turned back in Troutdale sue to road closure from a fatality caused by the storm conditions. I quickly headed up to Hwy 14 on the other side of the Columbia River to still make it to the Upper Wind River. As I headed down 14 the road conditions were gradually getting worse. The temperature was around 30 degrees and freezing rain and then big flakes of snow the further East I got. I got to the take-out finally 30 minutes late but Kris Litz and Jason Shroeder were patiently waiting and Pete and Meggie that had called me on the way out were just minutes behind me. We got geared up, transfered gear and headed to the put-in.

The river was medium-low and although high 20's it felt pretty good on the water. A far cry from the mid 70's we had in Mexico the last time I was on the water.

I was by far to big for the Chico with a little safety gear in the back and honestly don't remember most of the rapids other than trying my best to get the boat to manuver around the rocks and more than not plug the holes that I could not get it around. I'm putting the boat to blame 100%. I usually paddle a Riot Magnum creeker that has edges and I know I was way to big for the boat even at 160lbs. Hopefully next weekend Devin can get it out on the river and try it out. At least he got to sit in it tonight for a minute and liked it looks.

After the run with I84 still shut down and 14 at a standstill due to a semi stuck, Hood River sounded like a great idea. I got dinner with some friends and got to go for a ride in someone else's car sliding around HR. The highlight for the evening was his car sliding down the road near The Shed and barely hitting a ladies car that had already slid back down the hill, gotten hit by another vehicle and then by us. The best part was after hitting the car we shot into the entrance for the train station with the lady running frantically in front of us like a deer would do. We all got a good laugh out of it in the end. We abandoned that car for the night along with Jesse and walked to my car that was parked near the Hood River bridge and safely made it up to BZ in my Subaru. I love my Subi!! BZ got hit with around 24" on Saturday alone and we made the best of it tackling each other in the snow instead of kayaking.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Offramp on Farmlands Photo Video

I've just started playing with photo sequencing so I felt that these shots would always work well in this format to watch. The pics are courtesy of Eric Arlington and were taken last year on Devin's first run on the Farmlands. Flow was around 3.4' if I remember right.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monday, January 14, 2008

Week of Rivers in Mexico Video

Footage from the Roadside or Tomata section of the Alseseca River and Pescados section of the Antigua River in Veracruz, MX

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lake Creek Video by Kate Howell

Kate Howell was nice enough to paddle with me and Devin, Alex Dey, Ej Etherington and another Corvallis boater Aaron down for mine and the midgets first run of Lake Creek. I'd heard how much fun this run was for playboating but the timing just had not worked out in the past to get down on it. I's even planned a day a few weeks past with a day off and Devin being sick from school to head down with Michael Willaims but we were a day late and inches short. Although once again the levels had been prime the day before we were able to get the Corvallis crew to go ahead and run it around 9'. 10.5' being the preferred low. It seemed everyone was suprising happy with the change in the play at the lower level we spent at least an hour on grassy lawn. Even Alex who is less of a playboater than myself was quite happy with the long day trip down to Lake Creek.

We will be back no doubt.

video courtesy of Kate Howell

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years

Sunset Falls photo by Robert Virostek

Devin and myself got to spend the entrance of the new year with Mike Olson family and friends. I have to say that it was my first time hanging out at Oly's and partying as well. Was a great time and place to let loose a little prior to heading off on Friday to Veracruz, Mexico for a kayaking trip with Esprit Rafting Co.

Mike had a group of Canadian friends that live near the Skookumchuck come down for the holidays that brought fresh Oysters, fish and prawns with them. Hmmmmmm goodness!!

New Years eve we got to try out recycled kayak sledding down a hill on Oly's property with a nice jump or small tree next to it waiting at the bottom for you. Devin found out the hard way the tree would move when you plow into it and then started going full speed down the ramp. We even did a tandum sled run down that was a blast except for the hard landing on you butt. I was quite impressed the use of a old broken kayak.

We did a quick run down the EF Lewis at a really low level and me and Devin were still able to run door #5 on Horseshoe Falls. It was cold. Snow and ice were still on the roads in spots and changing back into street clothes in Oly's shop was a real treat.

Happy New Years and can't wait to see what the new year brings. Maybe me and the midget new boats that aren't broken would be a start. We'll see when we're back from Mexico.