Sunday, December 30, 2007

Upper EF Lewis "way too low"

Devin leading into Double Drop

Running Double Drop
Devin scouted boated both drops and felt they were both good to go and was the first to fire both of them up. None of that,"I want to see someone else run it first" stuff. Devin and Alex were the only two out of 8 of us that ran Double Drop and only myself, Devin and Alex ran Tombstone.


All photo's are thanks to Kate Wagner

A group of us headed up to the Upper EF Lewis River for a fun do what we hoped had enough water part due to the 1400cfs on the gauge and report from another ground that ran it the day before at 1300 that it was low but good to go. I don't think you'd find anyone in our group that felt it was the best choice for the day but we made the best of it and enjoyed running the big drops usually not run when there is actually water in the run. The drive up the road had Hugh's slipping around in the snow pretty good and I was quite happy the my Subaru even without the snow tires on on 8-10" of snow.

To quote a line out of "Liquid Insanity". "Ya want to see just how not in it was?"

To make the worse Devin's Jackson Punk Rocker cracked sometime during the run but wasn't bad enough that we had to repair it on the river and it must of happened near the end since that was the only time he needed to drain his boat.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Farmlands @ 2.0

Devin on Offramp from a previous run. Photo by Ej Arlington

Shots taken from both sides of the Truss Bridge

Saturday we headed up to the White Salmon River for a run down the Farmlands run. The level was 2.0' on the Husum gauge. Why that is really low for Spring flows when the springs that come in on the Truss raise the levels to around double of what comes off the top and through the farmies. The flows are I'd consider medium-low in my opinion. All the drops were clean and runnable. Barbell had it unpleasant rock waiting at the bottom for ya fully exposed just wanting to take a bite out of your boats nose.

It was nice for me to get back into the canyon run after my last time down it when I got a beating on the ledge hole below Little Lava. On the day I had to climb up and out without any rope or safety it wasn't my idea of a good time. This time I got to complete the whole run. While in all the run is easier than the Truss. Alot of the holes seem to claim boats on the Farmlands though and if ya swim hiking out my not be pleasant.

The climb up and out is never enjoyable anytime of the year but 5-6 inches of snow on the cliff you've gotta get you and your boat up is not the everyday ordeal for kayaking in the NW. If we'd gotten a ealier start me and Devin would have loved to hit up a Farmlands/ Truss combo which is totally doable at winter 2.0'. We were on the Truss last weekend at the same levels.

Upper Wind River Movie

Footage from last weekends run down the Upper Wind. The level was medium-low with just a wee bit of water splashing through the horns on the gauge rock. It was myself, Devin and Kris Litz.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I just found out that Devin received his first manufacture sponsor today from AT Paddles in Hood River.

Devin has been paddling a AT4 every since he outgrew his tiny Jackson paddle that he started out with.

Congrat, Devin. Your earned it!!

Toxic Waters Premier Feb 16, 2008

Make sure you clear your calendar for Nate's new movie premier and party in Hood River at the River City Saloon.

February 16, 2008

The Movie is suppose to start at 8pm

Just be there!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Weekend in HR

Devin and myself headed out for a weekend in HR on Saturday to meet up with Kris Litz for a run down the Upper Wind. The level was med-low, just a little water splashing through the horns. The was a small amount of snow on the banks but in all the weather was 38-40 degrees that made for a very comfortable day on the water. I got lots of footage via the helmet camera that I will get up on here in the next week.

We staying the night our at Kris' place that gave us a great oportunity to check out the town and grab some dinner at the Trillium before crashing on Kris' floor.

Sunday we woke to find that our 9am meet time at BZ had changed to 11ish. When we met up the small crew had grown with the Corvallis crew of James, Ej, Meggie. Dave Gridley from Pdx, his little sidekick from Bend (sorry I forgot her name), Kris Litz from HR and Chris that's from the Couv. The level was 2.0, but far higher than the summer 2.0 that I had been on before. Every drop of water was coming from the top that made for some really amazing drops.

Well, maybe other than Bob's Falls were I popped my cherry and joined the "Truss Swimteam". We all ran the far left that's normally the sneak line at lower flows. At todays flow it was drive from the eddie on river right to far left with a left boof. All went as planned till my bow caught some of the swirly water near the lip and instead of having a 20-30 degree left angle I dropped in straight about 6-10 inches right of the happy area. The result was getting tractor beamed back in the hole, flipping, hitting a roll, tossed back over, trowing a few enders and then getting pushed deep. After hanging a few and not going anywhere I opted for the swim of shame. Bob just isn't one of those drops that gives ya a hug and says good by. Nope.

Me, my boat and paddle were in there. I started out on the left side of the hole and by my swim. I was swimming out of the right side it. I aswam as hard as I could to get out and was nearly clear when according to Devin and others a boil exploded in front of me and got reeled back into the beast.

Now at the beginning we had safety on both sides, Chris and James Bagley on the left. James was below the drop on a shelf and Gridly was river right. When it came my turn it was only James below and Gridley was getting back into his boat as I was. Not my ideal situation, so I knew I didn't want to miss my line. Oops! With Gridley seeing my beatdown e was back out of his boat coming back over to help but the first hope that got thrown and I luckily heard it was coming during a cycle I felt for it as I headed back down. Great, I've got a anchor to shore. Hold on for a few and it'll all be over soon enough. The only setback was the rope thrown was from James on river left parallel to the hole and I was on the other side of the hole. OK, hold on, relax and I'll feel myself getting pulled over. I'm not sure how much James was able to pull but the line seemed to just be tight and I wasn't moving. Wanting a change of scenery, I started pulling hand after hand on the rope that was gonna either getting me closer to breathing again or I'd lose grip and my lifeline. The second never crossed my mind probably due to how hard I was gripping the rose.
James was able to provide enough of a anchor for me to pull myself through the hole and to safety in the eddie. My boat finally came out, ran the next ledge and was rescued. My paddle was fished out in the eddie on river right at Bob's. I was soon back in my boat and very humbled and happy to be with great company.

Random shots taken Sunday morning prior to the run

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Opal Creek

With the snow levels coming down and the Little North Fork of the Santiam finally in on a weekend we could take advantage of it, me and Devin headed out for Devin's first run down such a classic and beautiful run called Opal Creek. Although there was close to 20 some boaters on the small drainage at the same time we were all able to separate enough to enjoy the scenery and eddies that are readily available. The crew we were with was Hugh Boyd, Jason Boyok, Alex Dey, Allen Sacher, Mike Elston, Laura Sol, Jim Busse.

One of the things that Devin loved with the run is that all the rapids with the exception of a few drops he ran them without much if any input from others. Granted, he saw other peoples line down through the rapids prior to dropping into them but they are fun and straight forward.

I was able to get some good footage with my helmet camera that has proven fun for us to watch over and over. It's was fun to watch a video that you're in and made as the norm is to watch someone else's footage. We hope to get many more videos put together of an entire run or rapids at least and the great scenery that comes with this awesome sport of whitewater kayaking.

Bonus: 22 Days till we head off to Xalapa Mexico for a week of kayaking. Though we'll be playboating and not creeking like the Herbecks did over Thanksgiving. Althought I'll pass on getting sick as Nate did.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

The Midget's Questionnaire for HH's study

“Mental Side of Kayaking”

I consider myself a Class 5 paddler.

Rivers Paddled:
White Salmon:(Farmlands, Green Truss, BZ to Husum), Canyon Creek, WA, Butte Creek, OR, Rogue, OR, Clackamas R:(Fish to Memaloose), Wilson R, Jordan Cr, OR, Molalla R: (3 Bears), Wind R., WA:(Upper and Lower), Lochsa R.(Lower Run), SF Clearwater, ID, N. Santiam R.:(Niagra to Spencers), Wenatchee R.,

Have you ever had a ‘bad’ experience kayaking? If so,
what happened? Did this push you back in the sport,
or did it not affect your paddling at all? Please
The worst experience i've ever had on the river
was my first time down the truss on upper zig-zag, i was following my dad's line and he messed up and got pushed
up along the undercut wall backwards. When we got done
with the rapid we were laughing about it because i
basicly ran the rapid without paddling.

What is the greatest ‘fear’ you have while kayaking?
How do you respond to this fear when faced with it?
My greatest fear when kayaking is not being able
to work my way out a a big hole.
when i'm in the kind of situation i calm myself down
by thinking of what i have to do to get out of it and
u try to find the week spot.

What do you do to ‘prepare’ yourself, mentally, to run
a river/rapid that you are nervous about?
When i find a rapid the i'm nervous about i go
over the line over and over again until i feel
confedent enough to run it. And if it's a river then i
fight the fear to get on it and when it comes time for
the first rapid/drop i forget about the fear and
concentrate on the task at hand.

What is your favorite aspect of kayaking? Basically,
why do you kayak?
My favorite aspects of kayaking are meeting new
people, traveling to new places, i also like the
adrenillion rush i get from big drops, and i like
pushing myself to the limit. Oh i also like the

What drives you to continue to kayak?
Basicly everything i said above, i like the people,
the adrinellion rush, traveling, pushing myself to
the limit, and partying.

Whenever I go out paddling with a group, I always feel
like I am the weakest link – YES or NO. If yes,
please explain.
Most of the time it's a YES because i am normally
the youngest.

What role do you feel you have towards the group when
you are kayaking?
I feel that i'm like the student because i'm still
learning how to read big rapids/falls.

How did you learn how to kayak – friends or
professional instruction?
My dad tought me how to kayak when i was about 11
years old.

How often do you kayak?
I kayak once a week on average.

What do you expect from the other paddlers, when you
are on the river?
Well if it's a new river i would like to know the
lines but besides that nothing but a good time

Do you have a “mental training” program? If so, would
you please share some of the specific things that you
I don't have one.

Please include any other questions/topics that you
would like answered.
Why won't it rain?

Thank you for the time. I look forward to gathering
this data and sharing my information – Heather Herbeck

Centennial's big football weekend!!

This weekend has turned out to be a full on weekend for players on three teams of different ages. From the 5th/6th football team that went undefeated all season to Devin's 7th grade team that went 4-4 in regular season to the High School Varsity team that make State play-offs. All have a championship game this weekend. Friday night is the High School, Saturday at 1pm is the 5/6's and 4pm for Devin's team at Aldercreek Middle School.

Devin's team will have a challenge with their two head quarterbacks out injured.


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Centennial makes play-offs

Devin's team beats West Linn 22-0 to make the championships next Saturday. Devin had two touchdowns in the game and all around just kicked but offense and defense.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The early years!!

These are pics of Devin and his brother Ryan on a lake paddling around when the Wonder Midget was just 8 years old or so. Believe it or not, he was paddling the inflatable around for hours till we got him back out of it.

Some things just don't change. Today it's wanting to run BZ to Husum after running the Truss.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Wonder Midget turns 13!!!!!

Great, Now I have to deal with a teenager?

Happy Birthday Devin.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Devin's Football team makes playoffs

With their season making a major turn around. What started as 0-3 has now become 4-3. Gladstone they walked over two weekends ago and this weekend faced Canby, a team that was 3-3 as well. Centennial came out with a 18-0 win in a cold raining game with the rain coming down at 45 degrees. Devin was taken out for most of the 3rd quarter after the coaches found that he could not feel his arms and had been relying on just knocking the other players over since he could not wrap up.

They have one remaining regular season game vs West Linn that is higher ranked and if they win would move them from 4th seed to 1st giving a much better chance against Lake Oswego's undefeated team. Either way, it's been a great season to have watched.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Door #5 on Horseshoe Falls @1300cfs Video

Devin on the middle line on Sunset Falls on the EF Lewis

After Devin watched Michael Williams run door #5 he was ready to give it a try. It has been my favorite line down Horseshoe. Now it is his as well!!

One other highlight to the day was Devin's beat down in Hippy John's Swimming Hole. I watched him go into the meat of the hole from the eddie below. Once held in the hole, he rolled back upright and began about a four minute surf session. Long enough for me to paddle to bank, get out of my boat, swim and run back up the bank with my rope and he was only about half done with his ride. As I fought with getting my new PFD little throwbag open he watching and laughing he told me later. HE finally worked his way out the right side. We were all quit impressed and it also kept his 1 swim record unblemished.

To those that don't know. Devin's only swim was the first time that he flipped on the river in February of 2006 while on the Klickitat River.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Upper Butte Creek Falls

Video we made earlier this year of Upper Butte Creek Falls. The level was approx. 200 cfs if I remember correctly. This is the same falls Alex Dey broke his back on a month or so after this footage.

vs Molalla

Devin running it in for his 2nd touchdown of the game vs Molalla.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Devin's football team loses a parent

Joshua Lamarr,one of Devin's Centennial football teammates lost his mother in a apartment fire last night. Josh was not home at the time of the fire but lost all of his clothes and belongings.

Jamee and her son Josh were on the Deschutes River just weeks ago with us smiling and having a good time. I didn't know her very well outside football but her loss will be felt by the whole team. Parents and all.

Jamee is in the center of the raft with the red helmet.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Husum @ 1.0

After us doing a run down the Orletta section of the White Salmon with a very large group mostly made up of pdxgirpaddlers leftover from the Saturday run and a few HR locals. Devin wasn't ready to get out of his boat yet so he continued down the Middle with Meggie, Kim and other paddler I didn't catch her name, I'm terrible with names, while I headed back up to shuttle the subi.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It felt good to get wet!!

Devin and Ej Etherington having a moment

It's been too long for either me or Devin since we've been in our kayaks. Like a whole 3 weeks!!!!

With that and the N Santiam coming up to 1600cfs we ran Big Cliff to Spencers with Ej Etherington, James Bagley and Maggie. It was fun watching James and Ej run "The Narrows" with two complete different lines and different outcomes. Go figure?

Only bad part to the run was Devin punching a 1/4 hole in the front of his bow we believe while launching in below the low head dam off the concrete structure. Oops!

Opal Creek without water

After we got done running N Santiam "Big Cliff to Spencers" on Sunday, I decided to head up to Opal Creek to show Devin Thor's Playroom. Granted there was no water or at least a whopping 16-17 cfs or so. I think it's interesting looking at the geology and seeing what makes up a great rapid. I was glad to see there were no big suprises with the exception of several bolders that are just sitting on the bedrock waiting to shift at any high water event, almost all of the rocks are slowly eroding away with a good undercut wall on the far right door up top. Looked likea good place to stay away from.

Thor's Hammer

The section above the final drop which can be seen aty the bottom. This is usually one of my favorite sections of Thor's. Fast channel with several reactionary waves form

Door #4 up top. The undercut wall is out of sight around the right bend and I'm not sure yet which rock is the one that cause pinning.

The final ledge drop. I still remember my first down Opal with Jason Boyok leading. Although I opted to not run Thor's that day. It's around 2200cfs. Jason threw several ends before working his way out of the ledge.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Damn Healthy Food?!

Just what I needed. This week I put down the deposit and airfair on mine and the little dude's trip to Veracruz, MX and while taking a bite of a cliffbar my beloved front tooth sheared the metal pin holding the false tooth in place. Crap, Crap, Crap!!!

Now I really could use selling my Mini Cooper?

Tomorrow I get to find out how much that darn cliff bar is gonna cost me, guess I should of ate at Mcd's. Not!!

My mug that Devin claims to not look any better in this one after getting my new "toothes" for a whopping 2700.00

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Devin's football team plays their first game

The team lost thier first game of the season 26-13 against Lake Oswego team. LO's team has been together since 3rd grade and has yet to lose a game? On the good side for Centennial and Devin is that he scored the two touchdowns and ran in the extra point. At this age is only worth 1 point. One o the TD's was on a defensive play where he stripped the ball away from the LO's back running the ball and returned it close to 60 yards. It was cool to see. No one realized he had taken the ball for several seconds. On defense he tried to keep his team alive with beating his last years record of 20 tackles in a game to 24.

Whether it's kayaking or football there is little reason to guess why he's the WonderMidget!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Deschutes Trip with the Football Team

Devin telling little Ryan Mays how to jump into the right chute

Tanner Mays on riding the left chute

Little Ryan Mays taking a ride on the right chute

Joshua LaMarr jumping into the left chute

Nick Schoebel jumping into the left chute

Devin jumping into the left chute

Sunday I'd invited the coach and his family along with several kids from the football team rafting on the Deschutes with me and my boys. With some luck the weather held and all seemed to have a blast. Even the coach! Tom's a good guy and has a great family to hang with. We even got little Ryan, age 5 up on the White R. chutes. The best part of the trip was watching Ryan getting recirced in the eddie below the far right chute he ran. He had the biggest smile the half dozen times he went around before we reached in and pulled him out. The bad, like normal, I missed putting sunblock on my back after not putting a shirt on and now feel Kentucky Fried!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

My alternate life!?

Believe it or not?

I do other things than kayaking.

I love the plates YVW?

This poor bus has been sectioned, body dropped, 200hp Honda motor and trans, Nissan front suspension, Toyota steering, Ford rear suspension, custom hydraulic suspension I designed and enlarged wheel wells. and yes it'll soon have a kayak rack on the roof!

It's Football Season !!

Devin and his brother Ryan

Devin is #90 in red/blue on the right getting ready to unload on the kid trying to make a touchdown!!!

With the lack of quality H2o in the NW Devin turns his energy twards knocking poor kids heads off... and likes it too!!!

Football season is among us and for the next 9 Saturdays that is all their is for us. It makes for a fun day trip up to the Tieton R. when it finally dumps.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The new addition to the family

I know this isn't kayak related exactly but she is pretty cute. Devin picked her out at a friends house before heading to the coast for the weekend. Their still working on a name. She's a 6 week lab/australian shepard mix.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Double Dose of the Green Truss

pics taken by Rick Cooley

This weekend will by far go down in the history books for me and Devin. To the best of my knowledge Devin just happens to have become the youngest person to run the Green Truss section of the White Salmon River in Washington. With Dane Jackson 13 running it a few weeks ago and Sam Drevo back when he was 14. Not a bad accomplishment for a kid that has been taught by his dad and many great friends that have been way more supportive than I could of asked for. This is the short list and I know there are names I'll forget to mention but you know who you are: Michael Williams, the Herbeck's, Ej Etherington, Lauren Boehm, Kuma Dog and Kris Litz.

To me the Truss had never been a run I'd planned on running. Not to say I didn't want to run it. It just seemed like it was more than I'd be comfortable to be on. I'm not a checklist boater and it was only as my skills developed that the idea of running it came into my mind. Thanks in part to having a awesome little paddling partner, Devin. Devin, who had set a goal on his profile on to run the Truss this summer had been a little bit of a running joke between us. Like I'm gonna let a 12 yr old run the Truss no matter what level it was. Well I decided earlier in the week with the water heading south quick it was time for me to fire it up. When I told Devin I was gonna run it he jumped at the chance to run it with me. This unforturnately has become a all to common occurance. Most all the creeks I ran this year Devin has been by my side except for Opal Creek when he was at his mom's that day. The Lower Tilton,WA, Canyon Creek, WA, SF Clearwater, ID and Butte Creek, WA.

The crew we ran the Truss on Saturday consisted of Ej Etherington, Michael Williams, Nate Herbeck who all knew the run and like 10 of us greenhorns reading to head into the abyss that lies below the Farmies on the White Salmon. At 2.0, most all the rapids where easily managable and Devin, myself, Kris Litz, Kyle all had smiles from ear to ear and were loving the exploration. Kyle, who's from Seattle and a good friend of Ej that me and Devin had paddled with up on the Wenatchee Festival is a inspiration to a younger boater. Kyle's 50 and has more energy than I do by a long shot. Nice guy too. Me and Devin both ran all the drops other than Big Brother, Lower Zig-Zag"due to wood" and BZ Falls.

After the run I put on a little bbq at NW Lakes for new friends I'd made on the run and friends that didn't feel like the Truss. It was a great time and I appreciate all that came and hung out with us.

The only bad thing that happened on the trip was some footage Nate Herbeck was shooting didn't come out so we were forced into running it again on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Darn.....

This time we knew most all the lines and only needed a quick reminder of the line on a few drops we we're not 100% sure of. It was also a small group consisting on Nate, myself, Devin and Tony. One of Nate's friends that knew the run. We still portaged all the same drops and even with three long portages where I was carrying Devin's boat and mine. We ran the Truss in just over 3 hours. Not too bad, I'd say.

The best new's was that other than me getting worked for a few in a hole near the top of the run. One that Devin was nice enough to boof over my boat while I was upside down in the hole. I guess that's what dad's are for, right? We did not become part of the "Green Truss Swim Team".

I don't have any pics of us., though I believe Ej does.

But, there is a chance you may see some of the "Wonder Midget" on Nate's upcoming video; "TOXIC WATERS"