Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fibark - Hooligan's Race Pic

thanks to Shane Benedict of LiquidLogic for the pic.
I was able to get a pic of Devin during his favorite race or event of his whole trip to Colorado. The Hooligan's Race at the Fibark. It's like our "anything but whitewater float race" but on a insanely entertaining level.

Devin's team was named, "the young guns" with team members: Dane Jackson and Jason Craig from Team Jackson. Devin is up front in the yellow drytop digging in to pull the pool toy through the competition hole.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Devin joins "Team Bomber Gear"

It's official, Devin is now part of the newly reborn Bomber Gear. Devin had met Rick Franken, the owner, last year on his way out to Colorado for the Jr Olympics. Sam Drevo had stopped by Ricks and Rick sponsored all the kids for the competition with a piece of clothing. Devin in the end came home with shorts and a underlayer top. The shorts he has wore most all the the Winter/ Fall boating season.I guess you could say he likes them.

When Devin was once again out in CO. Devin ran into Rick at the Fibark competition and offered Devin to join his team. I talked with Rick earlier today to finalize things. Devin being a minor I get to deal with these things. He just kayaks and has fun. Nice!!

Congrat, Devin.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

6/22/8 Multi-River Day

With my other addiction of tattoo's, which I got more done on Saturday, I opted for a casual day of boating. Well, that and I lost one of my river shoes out of my boat Saturday prior to my tattoo appt. while draining my playboat at Joe Bob's. That put a damper on the plan of Upper Opal, Opal and Opal Gorge run that we'd planned on. A mandatory portage in the Gorge without trusting soles above a bad sieve. Hmm, bad idea.

So, instead I called up some friends to find not alot of people getting out. Though, Kris Litz, a good HR freind was planning a trip down the Upper Wind. Why not? I loaded up the playboats for that run. Yeah, most people take creekers but it makes the run more entertaining and there is plenty of play on the run in the runnout that most people hate. Cause they're not in playboats!! I also loaded up the creekers with the hope of finding someone from the Wind run or HR boater to run the Upper East fork of the Hood. A awesome class IV+ 4-5 mile continuous rapid/ boulder garden. I'd done a few laps while Devin was in CO and had hoped it would still be in when he got back home. It was!!

After our run down the Wind which was pretty uneventful, one swimmer that sucks on that run usually and myself getting worked in a hole way up top above Initiation, the first class IV and the start to the busy stretch that follow for miles. After a few cartwheels I flushed out and though this was gonna pretty entertaining run.

Got the shuttle done and me and Devin were headed into Hood River to grab lunch and hopefully find someone to boat with. As I came into cell range I got a message from a friend in HR that had gotten my email earlier that I was looking at getting out today and by chance I was in his part of town a hour after he had called me. We were all up for the UEFH run and after me and Devin grabbing a coupl pieces of pizza to go and a few pairs of nose plugs from The Shed. We were off to the UEFH or Upper East fork of the Hood.

It was a true treat for me to share this run with Devin. I'm not running the Little White but this run is for sure challenging and has only consequences if you happen to find yourself upside down or into the wood that is always present on this run. There is one mandatory portage around a huge unrunnable logjam and a few optional ones that depending on how you feel about wood are easily walkable. Besides the logjam we walked three pieces. One being a hundred yards from the take-out, so we just walk up to our cars from there. It's a no brainer. Devin was all smiles from ear to ear during and after the run. Yeah, he asked for another lap. Not today!! I did my first flip and happily rolled before nailing a rock with my head rudder. I consider this run to require a solid brace and a optional roll. Most people that flip on the UEFH bail after hitting a rock or two and or lose their paddles out of their hands. A good friend donated his creekboat to the UEFH just Saturday.

If you see a blue Dragonrossi Mafia let me know and I'll get you in touch with it's owner.

The logjam from the bottom looking back up at it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Return of the Midget

Tonight, Devin flies back from trekking around Colorado with the Hyde family and I get my little paddling buddy back!! While he's had fun in CO I did my best to keep up or out do him here and with the amazing water going on it wasn't hard to do. I hit Upper Quartsville, Canyon Creek, OR, Canyon Creek, WA, Copper Creek, Opal Creek and Upper Opal Creek sections of the Little North Fork of the Santiam. In the end of two weeks my new Nomad 8.5 got a few injuries I broke my AT2 yesterday rolling in a hole on CC, WA, but I wouldn't of changed a thing.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Be Joyful a no go?

Devin and company heard from a few at Fibark that had tried getting onto OBJ the day prior that the creek you have to drive across was 4' deep and to high to cross and the run would most likely be too high as well.

Poor guy will have to wait till next year but hopefully I can make it out next year as well so I happy at least!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Child drowns on the clackamas story

Thought that this story was a tragic situation and proof of what dangers arise when ropes are added into a dynamic environment. A simple throw rope thrown to someone inexperienced in handling one and not having a knife. A main reason why I don't prefer to throw a rope to someone without a knife.

My point is, "ropes can become a danger on the water very quickly."

They were also on the Clackamas going down a normally simple class I+ section but at 10k. High Rocks becomes very dangerous. My first experience into whitewater kayaking was in grade school when a friends dad who kayaked the Grand Canyon and others runs as I was told then class IV boater. Drowned at High Rocks while kayaking. He was pulled under by the boils that form at higher flows and will take you under the shelves and pin you there. A good friends mom use to be a rescue diver that has recovered bodies from High Rocks years back and she said it's pretty creepy down there.

Oh Be Joyful

Thought I'd throw up a video from of what Devin will be on Thursday. Oh Be Joyful in Colorado!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Devin and the Hyde family made the two hour drive from Denver to the Arkansas River to start training for the FibArk competition this weekend. This will be Devin's second time doing slalom and being in a actual glass slalom boat. Something I'm glad to see with the limited slalom boating in Oregon and the major benefits it's provides to you creeking. People like Sam Drevo and Brad Ludden started out slalom boaters and have became amazing talented creekers.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The Hyde Family

I found a few pics Mike Hyde had on the internet and wanted to put them on to remember this awesome family that is allowing Devin to stay with them and go boating everyday. Something that I'm proud of Devin's love for the sport and others enjoyment of wanting to be around him. It's not about what he can do on the water but what kind of adult he'll become.

This is Mike and his 8yr old son Henry. Henry even competed in the 8-ball race at TEVA this year. Though Devin said the others were gonna use him as a shield since the ballers agreed to not hurt Henry.

Henry Hyde surfing it up in his Jackson playboat. Devin has told me Henry is ripping it up in the surf. He's still a little shy and feels embarrassed if others are around, keeping him dropping into holes he can handle but may swim out of. Hmm, sounds like me. Devin is hoping to encourage Henry that it's OK to swim out a hole that most people are just gonna be impressed he was willing to give a try. We all swim and he's got plenty of time to work on exiting sticky holes for sure!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

TEVA Games -Weekend

When I talked with Devin this evening after getting back from my fabulous weekend boating on Upper Quartsville twice, camped up along it and then fired off Canyon Creek lower 5 at 2.0' Thanks Lisa for putting the idea together and Chris Arnold for driving and that amazing second lap on Quartsville in 38 minutes!! Taking out just above the bridge in water rapid.

Oh wait, I just got a wee side tracked? At the TEVA game. Devin had decided to not compete in the steep creek race or playboating competition but he did the 8-ball race and downriver race. In the downriver he came in 30th out of 45 competitors of mostly adult men. Tao Berman took home 1st in the race. The 8-ball Devin raced and took 3rd in his heat of 4 paddlers. It took 2nd or better to advance but he beat Rush Sturgis so he just just happy with that!! Brad Ludden tried taking him out in competition hole but Devin dodged him. Todd Anderson took home the 1st place on 8-ball. Todd and Tao are just cleaning house at TEVA.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Video of Devin and Todd Anderson on Homestake Creek

This is a video Devin sent me link to last night of one of his runs down Homestake Creek the day prior to the race. Devin was working with Todd Anderson on lines as you can see in the video. Todd and Devin eddie out while others continue down river. You'll notice in the second sequence on video that there is a cameraman on a zip line catching footage of Devin running a section. I believe Devin or Austin said LiquidLogic had a crew doing some filming.

The video is put together my Mike Hyde. Henry's father that Devin is hanging in CO with. I'm also told Mike's band is used as the soundtrack for the video!! Nice job Mike. I jealous of all of you at TEVA as we speak!! Oh, well? Devin's having fun and as a parent that's what matters:)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Devin hits TEVA

Devin's trip to Colorado started out a little rocky with him getting sick the second day he was with the Hyde family in Denver. Much like a repeat of his trip last year with sam Drevo when Devin got sick on the way through Idaho heading to Colorado for the Jr Olypmics. Tuesday he was much better and got in a run down a man made course where he got in another swim!! Once again with a good excuse. He claims while surfing a wave, he had thrown his paddle into the eddie and when he later flipped, carped a few hand rolls and pulled his skirt. I tell ya. Playboating is dangerous!! Although, in all honesty. I'm glad he's gotten a few swims in lately. Even though they have been in mild whitewater. It's a really important thing be use to swimming with your gear. At some point, you're gonna be swimming in a hole or down a class V and be freaked out. Even more than mormal!! This time I don't think the booty beverage was enforced!?

Wednesday morning the Hydes and Devin headed towards Vail and a condo they'll be staying in during the TEVA games. Devin also had time to check out Homestake Creek. The site for the steep creek competition. A nice 450 fpm run that is less than one mile in length. Devin hooked up with Todd Anderson and others for a few laps down the creek that is flowing at around 120cfs. Apparently things went good with the exception of the last manky drop. "shit of a rapid". This rapid is giving everyone trouble and it will be Devin's biggest goal to figure out the best way to hit the line though it.

Highlights for Devin on top of competing and getting on new runs is the people he's getting to meet and paddle with. He told me he met Shane Benedict of LiquidLogic, Brad Ludden of First Descents and pro kayaker just to name a few. I'm told Devin had a camera taped onto his Chico for both runs today!! Hopefully I'll get to see the runs.

Tomorrow morning, Devin is planning on waking up early to get a lap or two before sign ups with Todd Anderson and Tao Berman!! Two great competitors that have a great training regiment when it comes to races like Homestake. Tao took first on it last year!!

Sunday, June 1, 2008