Monday, July 23, 2007

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Double Dose of the Green Truss

pics taken by Rick Cooley

This weekend will by far go down in the history books for me and Devin. To the best of my knowledge Devin just happens to have become the youngest person to run the Green Truss section of the White Salmon River in Washington. With Dane Jackson 13 running it a few weeks ago and Sam Drevo back when he was 14. Not a bad accomplishment for a kid that has been taught by his dad and many great friends that have been way more supportive than I could of asked for. This is the short list and I know there are names I'll forget to mention but you know who you are: Michael Williams, the Herbeck's, Ej Etherington, Lauren Boehm, Kuma Dog and Kris Litz.

To me the Truss had never been a run I'd planned on running. Not to say I didn't want to run it. It just seemed like it was more than I'd be comfortable to be on. I'm not a checklist boater and it was only as my skills developed that the idea of running it came into my mind. Thanks in part to having a awesome little paddling partner, Devin. Devin, who had set a goal on his profile on to run the Truss this summer had been a little bit of a running joke between us. Like I'm gonna let a 12 yr old run the Truss no matter what level it was. Well I decided earlier in the week with the water heading south quick it was time for me to fire it up. When I told Devin I was gonna run it he jumped at the chance to run it with me. This unforturnately has become a all to common occurance. Most all the creeks I ran this year Devin has been by my side except for Opal Creek when he was at his mom's that day. The Lower Tilton,WA, Canyon Creek, WA, SF Clearwater, ID and Butte Creek, WA.

The crew we ran the Truss on Saturday consisted of Ej Etherington, Michael Williams, Nate Herbeck who all knew the run and like 10 of us greenhorns reading to head into the abyss that lies below the Farmies on the White Salmon. At 2.0, most all the rapids where easily managable and Devin, myself, Kris Litz, Kyle all had smiles from ear to ear and were loving the exploration. Kyle, who's from Seattle and a good friend of Ej that me and Devin had paddled with up on the Wenatchee Festival is a inspiration to a younger boater. Kyle's 50 and has more energy than I do by a long shot. Nice guy too. Me and Devin both ran all the drops other than Big Brother, Lower Zig-Zag"due to wood" and BZ Falls.

After the run I put on a little bbq at NW Lakes for new friends I'd made on the run and friends that didn't feel like the Truss. It was a great time and I appreciate all that came and hung out with us.

The only bad thing that happened on the trip was some footage Nate Herbeck was shooting didn't come out so we were forced into running it again on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Darn.....

This time we knew most all the lines and only needed a quick reminder of the line on a few drops we we're not 100% sure of. It was also a small group consisting on Nate, myself, Devin and Tony. One of Nate's friends that knew the run. We still portaged all the same drops and even with three long portages where I was carrying Devin's boat and mine. We ran the Truss in just over 3 hours. Not too bad, I'd say.

The best new's was that other than me getting worked for a few in a hole near the top of the run. One that Devin was nice enough to boof over my boat while I was upside down in the hole. I guess that's what dad's are for, right? We did not become part of the "Green Truss Swim Team".

I don't have any pics of us., though I believe Ej does.

But, there is a chance you may see some of the "Wonder Midget" on Nate's upcoming video; "TOXIC WATERS"

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wonder Midget makes it on

I'm not sure how I'm suppose to compete with the Jr. Olympics posts but I think that this just might do it.

Nate Herbeck just added Devin to his website If ya haven't checked it out. What's with ya??

Anywho, he's listed on page two of the boaters and pics.

Jr. Olympics Update Part III

Devin called me on my drive out to the Rogue Friday evening and let me know that he took 3rd in Freestyle in the Cadet age group. I can't wait till he's back and see all these new tricks he's got up his sleeve.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Jr. Olympics Update Part II

Yesterday sounds like it was a busy day for the little man. Devin met the Jackson family and no not the one with Michael in it. Ej, Dane and Emily made it out to the competition after a stop in Hood River where Dane and Emily ran the Truss for their first times. Highlights were Dane ran Big Brother and Emily got worked and swam out of the bottom hole of Double Drop. Good to hear even pro's have bad days too. They also ran the Lower Wind both days I believe with the Herbeck's.

Devin may even be in the footage they were shooting about the Jacksons while Devin was talking to Ej. Ej was also suprised with Devins size that he is only 12. We'll compared to Dane he is a big kid.

Tuesday was the prelims for the freestyle competition. Team Oregon had three kids make it to the finals that will be on Thursday. Robbie, Sydney and Devin. Devin who is still learning moves did mostly flatspins and enders. He's hoping to get some cartwheels in on the finals tomorrow. Also, the Boater X is tomorrow. Rules are one on one with only bumping and pulling skirts allowed.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

This is strange?

It seem's like there is a message hear, but I'm having the hardest time figuring it out? I mean, it's only a pile of beer caps right.

Which one of us does it represent. Devin or me? Both!!! Devin is having the time of his life off in Colorado boating with the other kids his age and Sam Drevo. Which isn't too off from a kid. Something that hasn't really happened around the PDX area. Devin is usually off boating with adults that are willing to give pointers. Just not the sibling challenges that another 12 year gives ya. Everytime I talk with him, he tells me of his day and in the background hear giggling and goofing off other kids on the way to the river.

As for me, boating is still a great challenge. I'm far from the class V boater I aspire to be. Not, that I'm unhappy being a IV+ at the moment. But watching Devin's progression through the past year has been awesome to say the least. While many adults, some of which are parents keep commenting that kids that age don't understand the dangers their getting put in. I've never put Devin into anything. He's always had a option to portage with the reassurance that those drop he is considering not running he has the skills to pay the bills.

Or maybe their just beer caps like all the others?

Monday, July 2, 2007

Jr. Olympics Update

A correction to the info as I understood it from Devin last week is that he took 2nd overall in the Downriver Race. It was not split up between Juniors and Cadets like I had thought. The award ceremony is Wednesday for the Downriver Race at which time Devin will get a bronze metal.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lochsa Memorial Weekend !!

What more can I say !!!

As me and Devin were driving out for our 2nd trip to the lochsa in May 07, Devin mentioned that he was wanting to run Lochsa Falls without a paddle. I had not brought my hand paddles so he was gonna go bare knuckles. Many of the kayakers with us on the run seemed a little skeptical of him doing this but he stood strong and to the cheers of the crowd that gathers for the carnage at the falls, styled it.

Shane Horner coming into Lochsa Falls in my old ZG.

Me on Lochsa Falls

Devin, Chris and Brett doing a little pre-boating warm up hacky sac prior to Chris and Brett hitting the Golden Canyon on the SF Clearwater. We would put on with them for the Mickey Mouse lower section for Devin's 1st run in his new Jackson Punk Rocker.

Brett on the SF Clearwater

Chris on the SF Clearwater

The Lower Wind 6/23/07

WIth this being my first posting I new that this was the pic of Devin I had to use.

Devin's attire consists of his new mohawk and 80's pfd thanks to Amy Shipman having a spare. I left Devin's at home. Oops!!

Me conquering The Flume. A rapid that gave me 6 stitches the first time I ran it a few years ago.

Devin initially had no interest in running this drop till he saw me run it and felt good about hitting his line. As if there is such a thing as sticking a line down it. Battle boating seems more appopriate to me!! The main thing that kept him from running it that day was that I had mentioned to him on the drive up to the Wind that if he was to get injured on the Flume today, it might cost him his 14 day trip out to the Jr. Olympics. We both felt it wasn't worth the risk.

Devin 1st run down the 1st falls of Shipard's

Devin on the 2nd falls, he didn't know you were suppose to boof this one so he plugged it both of his runs down. The 1st run he was treated with a nasal hose job.

Devin on the manky 3rd drop