Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Back in the kayak game!

It's been a while since I've posted on this so I'm just gonna start with it feels great to be back in the kayak game! I've boated a whole of four times in the past four years until last weekend. I felt like seeing if I still had what it takes and hit up the Little White Salmon after the race and ate a lot of crap. Nothing that wasn't expected with the lack of paddling though. Over all the run was amazing! I ran Spirit Falls for the first time which made for my first no portage run down the L-Dub! Super stoked about that. Afterwards I saw a lot of people I haven't seen in years and it was really cool. Most didn't recognize me at first since the last time I saw them was when I was 14. I'm back boating almost everyday and next week ill have a job so ill only be boating weekends and off days but I'm definitely stoked to be back doing the thing I love more than anything else in the world! Stick around for more posts! 

Sincerely, The Wonder Midget!